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If you don't find an answer to your question below, please don't hesitate to contact us at greg@grdtec.com

How much do you charge?
Service rates--very reasonable.

What are your parts availability?
I stock a good supply of common fail parts and have a network of part suppliers including ESEC and several 3rd party sources.

What expenses do you charge?
Travel expenses-airline tickets, car-rentals, meals NTE $40.00 a day, hotel. I would ask you to recommend a hotel.

What is your Warranty Policy?
30 days on labor; 90 days on parts.

Do you do PC Board Repairs?
Yes, I have an extensive supply of components

What is your territory?


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Greg Delasandro, President, Senior Field Service Engineer
2696 East Haymore Ct.
Gilbert, AZ 85297
Phone 480-600-9840 or 602-570-9071 Fax 480-507-9402
Email greg@grdtec.com  or grdtec@yahoo.com WWW.grdtec.com